Please allow about 4ish weeks of hair growth before getting waxed, no shaving (laugh, cry...seriously). Best results are achieved when the hair is 1/4" long.

Do NOT trim before coming in for your wax. It's part of what you're paying me for...please, allow me.

Ladies - It's true that our bodies wreak havoc around our menstrual cycle. This is true for waxing as well. You will be more sensitive about 1 week prior and during your cycle. If you're new to waxing, it might be best to plan your wax the following week.

Yes, you can still get waxed during your cycle. And yes, it will most likely hurt like a mother....however, there are preliminaries that will help (read on).

Yes, you can still get waxed while you're pregnant. It's great because, after a while, you can't see what and where to shave. I can help.

Caffeine makes you more sensitive so try (I know it's hard) not to have more than one.

While alcohol makes you less sensitive, it can also disrupt the overall service so try (I know it's hard) to just have one.

Exfoliating (it's your friend), right before a body wax is always a good idea. Also, in between waxing maintenance (ideally 4-6 weeks) will help prevent from pesky ingrowns.


We strive to create a very clean, very cozy and very professional environment for you to enjoy your services in.

Bush & Ivy likes everyone....adults and little ones! All are welcome here, as long as everyone is on their best behavior. For privacy purposes, there is a curtain dividing the sitting room and the treatment room.

Parking is mostly a breeze. You'll find paid/some free street parking available to you during my hours of operation.

We are conveniently located directly above Rudy's Barber Shop. Take the stairs up between Rudy’s and Kings Hardware, hang a right at the top and we're the front corner unit.


Brow wax - We take great care in creating the perfect brow shape for you facial structure and preference. We will do our absolutely best to create the shape you'd like with the brow we have to work with. If you prefer brow tweeze, that is certainly available upon request.

Brazilians - (Women and Men) Essentially ALL the hair is removed from front to back and everything in between. We understand these are delicate areas, therefore, we handle these areas delicately...with confidence. Some folks like to bare it all and some like to leave a bit more "bush" up front...the choice is yours.